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The Path To Your Inner Power 

Alicia Patterson


Length: 6 weeks

Materials: Videos, worksheets, self-care tools, and guided meditations

Who this is for: Women who want to move past trauma, explore sexual bliss and reclaim their inner power as a sexual and sacred being.

Discover your pelvic oasis and unleash your inner power. You’ll take ownership of your body, express self-love and experience juicy sensual bliss.

Welcome to your personal sexual revolution. With your guide, Alicia Patterson, you’ll explore your sexual, sensual and sacred power through pelvic bowl healing. 

As the center of your inner power, your pelvic bowl– your pelvic oasis– holds an endless amount of vitality and self-love. With practical tools, guided meditations, and simple worksheets, you’ll fully heal your wounds, understand your body and release the ecstatic pleasure you’re designed to enjoy. 

Intentionally-structured to empower you through knowledge, each easy-to-digest nugget guides you one step closer to clarity, creativity, and orgasmic potential. With short meditations, practical tools and simple assignments, you’ll begin a profound journey to self-love. 

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside

Module 1


Before you can experience pure bliss, you need to know what’s happening inside your body. You’ll discover:

  • Every inch of your pelvic oasis, how it works, and why she’s a mind-blowing, divine creation.
  • Why pleasure can’t be fully expressed until you fully understand your anatomy

Module 2

Menstrual Cycle

For millennia, women have been taught to fear and despise menstruation. No more! You’ll uncover:

  • The gifts of your menstrual cycle and discover essential tools for your sexual and reproductive sovereignty
  • How to connect with your creative power so you can create the life you desire
  • How to reclaim your sacred time and have space for joy in life

Module 3


Women are continually told they’re crazy, emotional, irrational and illogical. Isn’t it time to shed this oppressive belief? In this section, you’ll address:

  • Your truth, distill your vision and connect with your heart so you live authentically in your power
  • How to revamp your standards for crystal clear boundaries in all relationships so your voice is heard and respected



Whether you’ve experienced sexual, emotional or physical trauma, these wounds steal our sexual power and sensual bliss. In this module, you’ll

  • Be guided to heal, move forward and open up to a universe of self-love and sublime pleasure
  • How to eliminate numbness, pain, shame or guilt– the symptoms from past traumas that affect your sexuality and life
  • How to fully heal through pelvic awakening so you’re grounded to your body, pleasure, and partner

Module 5

Lineage/Ancestral Healing

Let go of intergenerational patterns of family and lineage dysfunctions that rob your inner power. With energetic healing and permission, you’ll discover:

  • How to address and forgive resentments, behaviors, traumas, and beliefs that shape your current sexual experience
  •  How to find clarity about your life purpose so you create the life of your dreams!
  • How to increase your satisfaction and set your heart on fire

Module 6

Sacred Sex

Break the rules and love your body. In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to open to the potent world of sacred sex with your pelvic oasis so you experience pleasure on a new scale
  • Practical tools to work with your body to increase the vitality of your pelvic floor and womb
  • Why your pelvic oasis is the home to luscious bliss and how to reignite your sensuality
  • How to heighten jaw-dropping pleasure and bathe in your inner power

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