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Mind Alignment Protocol

Leah Ardent


Length: 5 Self-paced modules​

Materials: Videos, guided meditations, worksheets and exercises

Who this is for: Seekers and survivors who want control of their lives and powerful manifestation skills to create the life they want.

We believe that empowerment should be financially accessible for all. That’s why we offer this course in one-on-one, group study, or DIY video formats. 

Take your dreams to the next level and actually manifest them– faster than you ever thought possible!

A personal development course from ATP’s co-founder, Leah Ardent, Mind Alignment Protocol helps you develop potent manifestation skills so you create the life you desire. 

Whether you sense your untapped potential or you’re a survivor who’s ready to thrive, this course teaches mindset, meditation, and mindfulness practices, plus somatic techniques to take control of your life. 

You’ll also create an introspective environment that easily clears blockages and paves your path to increased actualization. 

Packed with practical tools, exercises, and affirmations you’ll be fully prepared to step into your power and shine!

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside

Week 1

Understanding Trauma

Trauma doesn’t have to be extreme to have a lasting effect on your life. In this unit, you’ll:

  • Discover the working definition of trauma and discuss its role in blocking your manifestation powers
  • Explore concepts and tools to identify, acknowledge and cope with your blocks, soothe stress, and chart your course forward

Week 2

Releasing the Past

Letting go can be harder than it sounds. This module will explore:

  • Why letting go is key to moving forward and creating your dream life. Instead of sweeping the past under the rug, we bring the Light to our own awareness
  • How to assess emotions objectively and create customized somatic recipes that address specific challenges so you’re fully prepared to be unstoppably powerful
  • How to build more functional coping strategies that you can use– no matter the situation

Week 3

Perfecting the Present

One of the hardest parts of modern life is being present in the moment. This module helps you:

  • Fully accept where you are so that you can move forward in the direction you really want
  • Re-write your story, gain clarity and take your 1st step on the path to powerful manifestation

Week 4

Ignite Your Future

Creating a clear vision of what you want is the first step to making it real. Module 4 is all about sparking your desires and exploring what you want to create next.

You’ll uncover how to:

  • Tune in and turn on your light, and learn some killer tips to build a vision board with impact

Week 5


This is where you finally step into your power and start creating the life of your dreams. You’ll discover:

  • Why “calling in” is a constant process that begins on the inside
  • My most powerful visualization tools to fuel your focus, get specific and crystallize your dreams into reality
  • How to see your thoughts about yourself, your power, and your journey ahead

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