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Mastering Your Belief Mindset

Mielle Fox


Length: 3-Part Series

Materials: Educational references

Who this is for: Anyone who wants to reach their greatest potential, manifest their visions and achieve life-changing goals.

If you want to change your life, you have to change your mindset. It’s the direct path to living your dreams! At any given moment, we are living the best lives our mindset allows us to achieve. That’s why our inner-world is crucial to our success and happiness.

But most people have limiting beliefs, thought-patterns and unknown influences guiding our lives– dictating our relationships, career, and spiritual peace. If you want to create the life of your dreams, it starts with mastering your mindset.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside

Tools for Managing Internal Influences

  • Confidence: Nail the skills to gain your confidence and live your dreams
  • Self Love/Self Worth/Self Care: Why starting with YOU is essential to your vision
  • Identifying & Addressing Fears: Drop your baggage at the door so you can realize your goals and vision
  • Awareness: See yourself clearly and recognize when your mind is tricking you
  • Grace/Forgiveness/Self-Reflection: The path to self-discovery is a tough and winding road. Master the skills to navigate the journey easily

Tools for Managing External Influences

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs/Self-Sabotage: Are you getting in your way? Identify your limiting beliefs and how to remove them so the path is clear to your goals
  • Communication & Expectations:  Discover why perception and expectations clutter the clear communication we desire
  • Discipline and Motivation: Maintain your drive to succeed even when the road gets bumpy and go with the flow
  • External Awareness: Understand the role of perceptions and how they cloud our view of ourselves (versus how others view us) and it’s effect on our mindset

Planning Your Vision for Personal Success

  • Dreams and Goals: Discover how to define your vision, set your goals, and take action

Uncover the effective way to plan so your vision breathes to life!

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