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Mastering Tarot Without Books

Thea Faye


Length: 12 Modules

Materials: Educational References

Who this is for: Anyone who wants to enjoy Tarot intuitively– without consulting books, memorization or following someone else’s system.

Have you always wanted to read Tarot cards but struggled to remember each card’s meaning? Want a money-making new skill? This is the course for you! 

Join your guide, Thea Faye as she shows you how to accurately interpret the Tarot deck without tedious memorization or constantly referring to books. Within 12 modules, you’ll be taken step-by-step through a simple process to understand each of the 78 cards– at a quick glance. 

This course demystifies Tarot’s symbolism so you can develop your own personal relationship with the cards; enabling you to do almost effortless readings immediately.

Mastering Tarot Without Books empowers you with the confidence to work directly with the cards without having to rely on someone else’s system or definitions. Plus, this course is quick. You can complete in one afternoon and start reading for others by dinner!

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside

Module 1


Tarot is surrounded with mystery, superstitions and mythology. In this first module, you’ll discover:

  • The history of Tarot, the importance of its past, and the basics of how it works
  • What Tarot can do for you and why this popular divinatory tool is so powerful
  • Why starting a Tarot journal to document your progress helps you build a bond with the cards

Module 2


Whether you plan on becoming a Tarot pro, doing it for fun or just for yourself, there are ethical considerations you need to know. You’ll explore:

  • Why ethical issues, like doing health readings, or whether you can – or should – read for yourself can open a can of worms
  • How to avoid cold reading traps and what to do instead

Module 3


A spread is the pattern you lay out the cards when doing a reading. You’ll learn:

  • The most basic spreads up to the 10-card Celtic Cross–so you have the skills to answer any particular question that comes your way accurately.
  •  How to design your own spread whenever you need to and make it your signature service

Module 4

Defining the Question

Choosing the right question is key to getting the information you need. The cards will answer the question you ask– not the question you think you’ve asked. 

 Expecting the cards to know what you really mean when you ask the wrong question will have a negative impact on the quality of your readings.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to compose specific, unambiguous questions so you’re always confident you have the answer you need
  • How to select the right spread for any given question for the best results

Module 5


In this module, we start working with the cards directly, beginning with the suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.

 Through a series of exercises, you’ll learn:

  •  The basic associations of the Pentacles and put together your own interpretations of them without needing to memorize reams of data

Module 6


In this module, we move onto the suit of Cups in the Minor Arcana. You’ll uncover:

  • Multiple easy exercises to understand the overall Cups symbolism
  • How to interpret Cups cards when they appear in a reading so you’re prepared for any questions asked

Module 7


In this module, you’ll start to interpret the suit of Swords in the Minor Arcana. You’ll discover: 

  • The main themes associated with Swords and solidify its symbolism
  • Multiple easy exercises to connect with each Swords card, so you understand what they mean when they’re selected during a reading

Module 8


In this module, you’ll complete your journey through the suits of the Minor Arcana by examining the Wands cards. You’ll learn:

  • Everything about the Wands with exercises that help you interpret them when they come up

Module 9

The Numerology of the Minor Arcana

In this module, you’ll put the finishing touch on your understanding of the Minor Arcana by exploring the numerology of the cards. You’ll discover:

  • The basic meaning of each number
  • How to cross-reference the numbers with their associated suits to create an immediate basic interpretation of any Minor Arcana card

Module 10

Major Arcana

In this module, you’ll turn your attention to the remaining cards of the Tarot, the Major Arcana. You’ll learn:

  • The Fool’s journey as he travels through the archetypes towards spiritual enlightenment
  • Practical, hands-on exercises to help you appreciate the full connotations of these powerful cards

Module 11

 Refining Your Readings

In this module, you’ll learn techniques to improve your readings and take them to the next level. You’ll discover:

  • How to interpret ill-dignified cards
  • What to do when a reading has a lot of one suit or Major Arcana cards.
  • How to identify when a Minor Arcana court card doesn’t represent a person

Module 12

Final Thoughts

This module solidifies everything you’ve learned with a few added tips and tricks so you can start doing readings for others immediately.

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