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Journey To Self Love Through The Chakras

Mariah Rossel


Length: Contact for details​

Materials: Videos, worksheets, daily guided meditations

Who this is for: Seekers who are over-giving, overwhelmed and craving self-love, balance and alignment with themselves and the Universe.

We believe that self-love should be financially accessible for all. That’s why we offer this course in one-on-one acceleration formats or a DIY video and workbook series. 

Know your highest self and transform! Break free from energy blocks and find endless self-love to raise your vibration and manifest your dreams. 

Join your guide, Mariah Rossel on a journey of self-love where you’ll discover your highest self, merge, and release your greatest manifesting potential. Journey to Self-Love is a personal development course to help you achieve the life you desire.

Using affirmations, visualization, mindset, meditation, the law of attraction, and the chakra system, you’ll learn to truly love yourself and bring your visions to life.  Packed with practical tools, you’ll raise your energetic vibration to match the frequency of your desires so you can easily manifest them in daily life.

You’ll also gain deeper insights into your shadow without fear, where you’ll discover how to embrace and integrate yourself fully– allowing you to step into your authentic self and personal power. By the end of this course, you’ll understand what self-love is (and what it isn’t), how it relates to each chakra, how it informs all of your relationships and why it’s vital to create your greatest life.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside

Week 1

Root Chakra

Grounding, The root chakra, is where we ground. You’ll discover:

  • How grounding connects your visions into reality so they come to life
  • Why you need to connect with the earth and be present in the ‘now’ to successfully manifest your desires
  • How to stop holding, and, instead, give your weight to the earth to hold to anchor and create your visions 

Week 2

Sacral Chakra

The Creative Being, the sacral chakra, governs your creativity. You’ll learn:

  • Why this chakra is essential to birthing your desires and passions into being
  • How to be a powerful creator in every moment and in every action so your reality changes quickly 

Week 3

Solar Plexus Chakra

Beautiful Body, the solar plexus,  focuses on self-love and unconditional positive sense of self. You’ll uncover:

  •  A deeper understanding of yourself, the world around you, and how they fit together so you’re aligned with your dream life
  • How being in your body, loving your beautiful vehicle, and fully experiencing the physicality of life is vital to manifesting your visions

Week 4

Heart Chakra

Open Heart, the heart chakra, is where you give and receive love from the external world. You’ll explore:

  • How you give and receive love reveals your own self-love
  • Why having an abundance of self-love gives you an abundance of love to give away

Week 5

Throat Chakra

Authentic Truth, the throat chakra, is all rules your voice and your truth. This week you’ll address:

  • The blockages that stop you from speaking your truth (and why you can’t manifest effectively until they’re gone)
  • Your ability to speak clearly and confidently– while honoring and respecting those people who are gifted with the privilege of your voice

Week 6

Third Eye Chakra

Magical Mind, the third eye chakra, relates to intuition and seeing the unseen worlds. It also influences your thoughts and thought processes. This week you’ll:

  • Find out how to illuminate your thoughts and deepen the trust in your intuition so you know exactly what you want (and what you don’t)

Week 7

Crown Chakra

Sacred Spirit, the crown chakra, is where we connect to Source. This is where you release any imbalanced energy and allow it to be composted into their elemental components. This week you’ll learn:

  • How to allow divine intelligence into your world so it can illuminate your path
  • How to deepen your connection with all beings

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