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Leah Ardent


Actualization  Agent

Shift Facilitator


Leah is a multi-modality practitioner and actualization coach. With a background in sales, management, and marketing, her path diverted when physical and emotional trauma changed her life. Searching for answers and help, her passion ignited when she found the power of alternative healing.

 Leah dedicated herself to awakening her innate gifts and transformed her pain into strength. Inspired to help others heal, she studied a wide range of approaches with remarkable mentors who were committed to her growth. Under their support, she has helped others develop their gifts and see the sacred in everyday life. 

 Although she enjoyed professional practice, she saw that spiritual seekers and practitioners didn’t receive the same level of support as traditional students as they sought to cultivate their gifts. As the daughter of teachers on both sides of her family, she firmly believed that guidance is crucial for personal development and professional success, she wanted to offer the same level of initiation and mentorship she experienced.

 The Academy of Transformational Practice was the answer. Motivated to create a community of empowered practitioners thriving together, she has committed her life to making personal development and professional success accessible to everyone. 

Kyla Clapper


Actualization Force

Clarity Catalyst

Media Maverick

Kyla is an Actualization Coach and Social Media Manager. Passionate about serving small and micro business owners online, she has an eye for design, a talent for clarity and a knack for organization. With her help, entrepreneurs transition online with social media and website designs that are clear intentioned and visually stunning. She has also been a key organizer of Facebook launches, network marketing teams, and excelled at planning military family events. 

 Bringing a business online can be daunting for even the most experienced business owner. With social media and internet platforms changing rapidly, most entrepreneurs struggle to navigate the landscape. That’s where Kyla shines.

 Working together with their amazing team of professionals, Kyla and Leah have created a signature coaching process that sparks clarity and quality solutions. Unlike most coaches who stop there, Kyla and Leah have revolutionized the coaching process with valuable services that empower their clients to succeed. From branding to funnels and websites, their focus on actionable solutions creates exceptional results for each client.

 Kyla has always been a resilient person who believes in kindness and truth. Struggling through a childhood of financial and personal trials, Kyla suffered through her young years and battled depression as a teen and young adult. However, she conquered expectations and paved an extraordinary path that no one predicted possible. 

 She’s worked in many industries; she was a skilled waitress, a retail worker, an insurance inspector, a network marketer, and eventually, put her self through school. After attending different programs she studied to become a fashion designer, loved psychology and rounded out her education with a business degree.  That’s when she found her purpose– what lights her soul on fire– Actualization Coaching. 

 In her personal life, Kyla dives into her talents. She’s a mother of 5 who homeschools her children– refining her organization, patience and leadership through learning every day. 

 Kyla is married to a Warrant Officer in the army and moves often, and she loves designing her new home every time. Thrilled with creating a lifestyle that fits who she is, Kyla loves bringing joy and logic into every situation.

Alicia Patterson

Women’s Health Mentor

Pelvic Oasis Whisperer

Agent Provocate-HER

Alicia Patterson is a women’s health mentor, mental health counselor, pelvic floor specialist, bodyworker and author of “The Secret to Female Vitality: Demystify Your Body, Boost Energy and Gain Mental Clarity Through Pelvic Health.”

Her journey to empowerment and self-love began with extreme pelvic health challenges, sexual wounds, emotional blocks, and medical traumas. Angry, overwhelmed and confused with the current medical system, she took her power back through pelvic floor education and self-care.

Having found the source of her personal power, she released her traumas, victimhood, shame, and guilt which led to a practice specialization in pelvic bowl healing.

And now, she helps women with pelvic pain, numbness, sexual dysfunction and emotional wounds reclaim their sexual, sensual, and creative power. With her help, her clients fully heal, take ownership of their bodies, and manifest their dreams through sacred sex and ecstatic bliss.

Alicia is a graduate of Naropa University with training in Dance Movement Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, Holistic Pelvic Care (TM), group facilitation and a graduate of the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute.

She is licensed in the state of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is registered as a dance movement therapist (R-DMT) with the American Dance Therapy Association.

She also holds additional certifications and training in Birthing (trained as a birth doula) & Attachment, PET-C (couples therapy), energy medicine, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Gestalt, Clinical Supervision & Mentoring, Yoga, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Authentic Movement, and expressive arts therapies.

Lauren Antuofermo

Spiritual Teacher

Divine Channel

Sacred Warrior

Lauren Antuofermo is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Speech Channel. Gifted with the ability to receive spiritual guidance through the Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Akashic Records, she helps clients manifest their greatest potential and create the lives they want.

Before she began her journey to divine service, Lauren worked as for the U.S.A.F. Reserve Command United States Air Force. And in 2005, she traded in her uniform to earn her Masters in Exercise Physiology and fitness! 

With her M.S. in Exercise Physiology, she was promoted as the Fitness and Health Program Expert for the U.S Air Force Reserve Command allowing her to serve thousands– both on an individual basis as well as in groups– positively impacting countless lives.

 A proud mom and wife, Lauren became a sought-after public speaker and teacher on the topics of health and wellness, stress reduction, weight loss and more, helping people become fulfilled, vibrant and healthy. As a channel for Spirit, a wellness expert, and a veteran, Lauren is passionate about service and continues to deepen her knowledge.

Mariah Rossel

Reflexology Master

Shadow Hunter

Divine Pathwalker

Mariah is an LPCC (licensed professional counselor candidate), Reiki Master/teacher, reflexologist and healer based in Boulder, Colorado. 

 She specializes in empowering adults and adolescents to heal their traumatic pasts and step into their authentic being. Committed to a meaningful life of service to the divine and humanity, she helps people confront their shadow without fear. 

 Using her multi-modality background, Mariah helps clients to acknowledge their shadow self and clearly see how it’s manifesting in life. She guides with deep insights, and her clients heal by acknowledging their wounds and embracing all aspects of themselves; enabling them to reclaim their authenticity and personal power.

This new perspective and acceptance allows them to finally break free from the energies holding them back from the life they want. 

Through Mariah’s work with energy systems, the Law of Attraction, and clinical counseling, clients discover their true passions and purpose where they enjoy every aspect of living an abundant, fulfilled life.

Mariah holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, as well as a certificate in Holistic Health and Wellness. She has also spent the last 9 years studying shamanic healing– primarily with the Shipibo and Lakota tribes. Dedicated to expansion, she continues to build on her knowledge and experience, recognizing that the learning never stops.

Jocelyn Foster

Master Teacher

Sustainability Leader

Hippie Rebel

Jocelyn is a self-employed Instructor and administrative specialist with a Masters in Teaching. After years of classroom experience, one-on-one tutoring, and mentoring of diverse age groups, Jocelyn’s passion came to light. She loves connecting with people and empowering them to recognize their own limitless potential. 

 A motivated mom, she’s the instructor for Captivating Course Design: A Guide to Carefree Curriculum Development, and provides administrative support for the Academy of Transformational Practice. 

Jocelyn is a nature-loving, animal-adoring, hippie soul, who is on a mission to become completely self-sustainable. In her free time, you can find her and her family wandering Virginia’s wilderness, exploring craft and Renaissance fairs, or getting lost in her favorite Sci-Fi shows. She drives with the windows down and the radio up– and refuses to believe in ever feeling embarrassed!

Cassandra Moore

Mindfulness Practitioner

Struggle shooter


Cassandra is a multimedia producer, historian, and mindfulness practitioner. Before she began her current journey, she struggled with anxiety which led her to the power of mindfulness. Cassandra explored different meditative methods and found mindfulness techniques that allowed her to cope with stress in non-destructive ways. This realization changed her life.

Using her background as a former tech troubleshooter, she views mindfulness uniquely– with the right techniques it becomes possible to replace the bad “installs” or negative thought patterns with good “installs” of healthy self-worth. And she doesn’t just sit in silence; Cassandra incorporates mindfulness into every aspect to life. 

She takes mindful walks as much as possible, believes in the power of creativity and mindfully heals through photography, writing, and knitting. She’s also passionate about making mindfulness intersectional and accessible to everyone. 

When she’s not cuddled up under a cozy blanket, you can find Cassandra people-watching behind her camera or browsing the history section of her local bookstore with a hot coffee in hand. 

Pallas Dame

Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach

Holistic Healer

Clarity Expert

Pallas Dame is a managing partner with the Academy of Transformational Practice, a Medical Intuitive, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in the holistic practices of Hormone Balancing, Gut health, Sugar Addiction and Blood Sugar balancing. She also specializes in recovering from the grief and trauma of chronic illness and facing your fears, whatever those might be that are holding your back from achieving your potential. She is actively pursuing her practitioner certification in BodyTalk – Clinical Integrative Energy Medicine.

Pallas works with individuals to create holistically balanced lives and optimal health through food and lifestyle choices and if you are local, with BodyTalk Clinical Integrative Energy Medicine. She practices a holistic integrative approach to health and wellness, which means that she looks at how all areas of your life are connected, belief systems held within the BodyMind and energy systems, and how all of this affects as well as impacts your life as a whole.

Her journey to becoming a Health Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner came about from more than 20 years of battling Lyme disease, and later undiagnosed, debilitating post-partum depression, the MTHFR gene mutation and severe hormonal imbalances. All of which combined, and undiagnosed until very recent years, created the perfect storm for her losing nearly a decade of her life to Lyme Disease induced mental illness.

During her journey back to health, Pallas discovered an entirely new world of medicine based on practices thousands of years old to recent studies of quantum physics, all of which were based on holistic practices that involve the body, mind and spirit. She learned that the body truly can, heal itself, by itself, if only given half the chance and that healing is far from linear. Sometimes we are required to go backwards, in order to gain the traction we require to propel ourselves forward into our own Physical, Energetic and Spiritual transformations. Pallas teaches that by actively creating life balance and engaging in our own healing journey, we become advocates for ourselves. When we become full advocates for ourselves, our futures, are truly in our hands. Our life script has not yet been written and we can change our trajectory at any moment in time.

Pallas lives in Colorado where she is a wife and mother to two beautiful children as well as mom to her furry, feathered and scaled animal family. For more information on Pallas and her offerings, visit

Brenda Hardwick

Seraphic Seer

Award-Winning Author

Multi-Modality Maven

Brenda Hardwick is an Award-Winning Author, Healer, Teacher and a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom. She is also studied and certified in several healing modalities including a Master of Shamanic Reiki and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

As a Healer, Brenda engages your Angels to bring you their messages, and answer your questions. She is attuned to the Seraphim, the High Angels, and channels their energy to facilitate the healing of mind, body, and soul. Brenda also uses laughter as medicine and provides health coaching so that her clients receive a well-rounded approach to finding their light and shining their health. 

Brenda has two published titles:  Laughing Your Life Healthy, a self-help health book, and the CIPA EVVY Award-winning Harlem Angel: Book 1 of The Circle, an Urban Fantasy. Brenda currently has three works in progress: Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles, A Blueprint for Ascension–a spiritual transformation guidebook, Laughing At Your Food, the sequel to Laughing Your Life Healthy, and The Conductor, the sequel to Harlem Angel.

Brenda has two adult children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She retired from a twenty-seven year career in state government to embark on her own journey as a writer and to start her healing business, The Light Of Nature, LLC.

Thea Faye

Magick Mystic

Empowerment Teacher

Mysteries Adventurer

Thea Faye is an initiate of both Craft and ceremonial orders, who is passionate about discovering what makes the universe tick. Her mission is to demystify magick and empowers others to develop their own personal connection with the “great big whatever”. 

Thea believes fervently that everyone deserves support in building their personal practice to access their inner gifts and nature. When she’s not unraveling mystical mysteries, she’s a home-educating mother of 5 with her husband in South Wales and an ever-growing tribe.

Mallory Webber

Reiki Master

Ascension Specialist

High Vibin’ Mama

Mallory Webber is a multi-passionate energy teacher and guide, with a specialization in Reiki. With an extensive modality background, she has a deep understanding of the manifestation process and helps you to harness YOUR power within.

Mallory found her path after overcoming deep-rooted trauma from a rough upbringing. Discovering a variety of natural and energetic approaches, she found power and peace by expanding her spiritual knowledge.

As a Reiki Master, she’s practised professionally for over 2 years, and helped teach 30+ different students in Reiki alone. By exploring all perspectives, she helps others recognize their own healing potential and deepen their personal spiritual practices.

Mallory’s practice is High Vibe Connection. She offers courses on ascension so seekers can continually awaken to the experience of love in the present moment. She also teaches a wide range of programs from modalities around the world.

Full of joy and light, she loves connection, spreading love and pouring life into everyone she meets. And when she’s not guiding students, she’s a proud mama of two– so you may find her heavily meditated, obsessed with her crystals and kicking back in nature.

Mielle Fox

Mindset Maven

Self-Actualization Expert


Mielle Fox is a Foundational Mindset Mentor. Passionate about helping students reach their greatest potential, her teachings help them identify, build and progress to self-actualization. With Mielle’s guidance, seekers develop higher states of self-awareness and personal development. 

When she’s not practicing dentistry in the country-side of Vermont, she’s an avid equestrian. She blends her foundational education of horsemanship with her mindset mentorship; giving her a unique perspective to assess and guide students to mastery. Using her abilities, she helps students through each essential mindset component so they manifest their goals and visions.

Alexandra Jenkins

Yoga Instructor

Spiritual Mentor

Limitless Expansion

Alexandra is originally from the small, rural town of Sparta, Wisconsin. From a young age Alexandra loved to teach and has taught everything from horseback riding lessons to swim lessons and yoga. Alexandra has an English Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She originally thought she’d like to teach Creative Writing, so Alexandra moved to Fort Collins in 2011 to pursue a Master’s in Creative Writing and Education. Upon moving to Colorado, Alexandra had a change of heart, and an abrupt change of career paths.

Yoga seemed an easier, faster path to helping make a difference in people’s lives, so in 2012 she completed a 500hr certification with Core Power Yoga. Quickly after that, Alexandra wanted more. In 2013, she completed a 600hr Massage Therapy Certification through the Healing Arts Institute.  Since then, Alexandra has studied Transformational Breathwork, Celtic Spirituality and Priestessing, NLP, Access Consciousness, Mindfulness Meditation, and more.

Alexandra created her first business, Limitless Expansion, in which she acts as Spiritual Mentor, guiding clients from all over the country toward becoming the best versions of themselves through a unique, original Shadowwork coaching program which she developed. Alexandra also runs silent women’s retreats in the Northern Colorado area which have been incredibly successful and continue to gain in popularity . Alexandra is the mom of two young boys and is very passionate about creating a thriving life for them, while working for herself, and supporting the personal and spiritual growth of others. Additionally, Alexandra owns a yoga and healing arts studio in Fort Collins Colorado called The Be Free Healing Center.  There, Alexandra teaches weekly yoga class, holds yearly facilitator trainings, and teaches various workshops centered around self love and expansion. For more info about Alexandra and all her offerings visit


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