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Access Your Akashic Records Yourself And Find Your Soul Pattern

Mallory Webber


Length: Contact for details

Materials: Educational references

Who this is for: Seekers who want to access the Akashic Records on their own and identify their unique soul pattern

Deep in the Akashic Records, the non-physical library of all knowledge, your unique soul pattern awaits. Find out how to access it yourself!

 It holds everything about you– your purpose, the reason you’re here, your past lives and Karmic blocks. It’s one of the most helpful tools to understand your life on all levels.

But for most people, this information is locked.

Unable to find it themselves, they need to find practitioners who can access the Akashic Records and locate their soul pattern on their behalf.

However, if you want a simple and effective approach to access the multiverse of knowledge in the Akashic Records, this course will show you how.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside


Learning the same traditional approach professionals use, you’ll easily access the Akashic Records, find your unique soul pattern and gain a deeper understanding of your life and the world around you.

You’ll discover:

  • The reason why you’re here in this lifetime and your purpose
  • An innate sense of being and understanding from a higher perspective
  • The Karmic blocks that continue to get in your way (and how to remove them)
  • The Karmic ties you have to others and why they exist

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