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The Academy of Transformational Practice is a premier online education and business portal for spiritual seekers, wellness instructors, health practitioners and Lightworkers. With a comprehensive curriculum of metaphysical, personal development and business courses, you can explore at your leisure or set off on a specific professional path. In addition to personal awareness, we also guide students and established practitioners to brand mastery and professional success with a profitable practice.


 You Are Here For A Reason.

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 The Academy of Transformational Practice started with a vision. Changemakers from all walks of life, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with one focused mission– expanding the Light of consciousness through human connection. By cultivating our extraordinary gifts, we serve the world together and everyone thrives.

 And you’re here to answer the call.

 Your gifts are needed.

 Are you ready to awaken the tremendous power stirring within?


Our motley crew of practitioners co-founded ATP in 2018. It’s the brainchild of Leah Williams and Mariah Rossel. Despite our different disciplines, we believed that when varied schools of thought are connected by a shared mission, it has the power to uplift the world.

Looking for the empowered community in our vision, we were shocked. It didn’t exist. There was no standard for spiritual education. No structure. And there were too many hucksters selling overpriced programs that lacked substance. Seekers and established practitioners looking to deepen their skills were going broke with “certifications” that led nowhere.

Something needed to change. We were determined to create a dynamic community where seekers and practitioners could harvest their gifts, boost their business skills and manifest abundance with coaching and inspired mentorship. As our journey progressed, we found that we were far from alone in our aspirations. Our little passion project became a full-on corporation with a board of diverse and empowered facilitators.

Launching the Academy of Transformational Practice, we created a tribe where modern, mystical women can connect, share and thrive together. We wanted to create a place where trusted instructors can help people heal themselves and learn sought-after skills for a legitimate and lucrative practice.

However, stepping into your gifts and building a profitable business are worlds apart. We designed the Academy of Transformational Practice to bridge that gap. From practical business foundations to Angelic channeling, the Academy of Transformational Practice helps practitioners elevate their services for dramatic success.

Whether you’re a student, instructor or spiritual master, we welcome you home.


Leah Ardent


Actualization  Agent

Shift Facilitator


Leah is a multi-modality practitioner and actualization coach. With a background in sales, management, and marketing, her path diverted when physical and emotional trauma changed her life. Searching for answers and help, her passion ignited when she found the power of alternative healing.

 Leah dedicated herself to awakening her innate gifts and transformed her pain into strength. Inspired to help others heal, she studied a wide range of approaches with remarkable mentors who were committed to her growth. Under their support, she has helped others develop their gifts and see the sacred in everyday life. 

 Although she enjoyed professional practice, she saw that spiritual seekers and practitioners didn’t receive the same level of support as traditional students as they sought to cultivate their gifts. As the daughter of teachers on both sides of her family, she firmly believed that guidance is crucial for personal development and professional success, she wanted to offer the same level of initiation and mentorship she experienced.

 The Academy of Transformational Practice was the answer. Motivated to create a community of empowered practitioners thriving together, she has committed her life to making personal development and professional success accessible to everyone. 

Kyla Clapper


Actualization Force

Clarity Catalyst

Media Maverick

Kyla is an Actualization Coach and Social Media Manager. Passionate about serving small and micro business owners online, she has an eye for design, a talent for clarity and a knack for organization. With her help, entrepreneurs transition online with social media and website designs that are clear intentioned and visually stunning. She has also been a key organizer of Facebook launches, network marketing teams, and excelled at planning military family events. 

 Bringing a business online can be daunting for even the most experienced business owner. With social media and internet platforms changing rapidly, most entrepreneurs struggle to navigate the landscape. That’s where Kyla shines.

 Working together with their amazing team of professionals, Kyla and Leah have created a signature coaching process that sparks clarity and quality solutions. Unlike most coaches who stop there, Kyla and Leah have revolutionized the coaching process with valuable services that empower their clients to succeed. From branding to funnels and websites, their focus on actionable solutions creates exceptional results for each client.

 Kyla has always been a resilient person who believes in kindness and truth. Struggling through a childhood of financial and personal trials, Kyla suffered through her young years and battled depression as a teen and young adult. However, she conquered expectations and paved an extraordinary path that no one predicted possible. 

 She’s worked in many industries; she was a skilled waitress, a retail worker, an insurance inspector, a network marketer, and eventually, put her self through school. After attending different programs she studied to become a fashion designer, loved psychology and rounded out her education with a business degree.  That’s when she found her purpose– what lights her soul on fire– Actualization Coaching. 

 In her personal life, Kyla dives into her talents. She’s a mother of 5 who homeschools her children– refining her organization, patience and leadership through learning every day. 

 Kyla is married to a Warrant Officer in the army and moves often, and she loves designing her new home every time. Thrilled with creating a lifestyle that fits who she is, Kyla loves bringing joy and logic into every situation.

Cultivate The Hidden Gifts Within You

You’re one in a billion and your journey is unique– your business and personal development journey should be too. 

 At the Academy of Transformational Practice, we offer multiple modalities to ignite your strengths with a well-rounded foundation from carefully vetted practitioners. And forget being pigeonholed– with our wide range of affordable certifications, you’ll grow your practice with bankable skills that enhance your biz.

It’s Your Moment To Unleash Your Potential

Are you living your life’s purpose? People everywhere are waking up to the freedom of entrepreneurship and living a blissful life.

 Create the life you’ve always dreamed possible with a wildly successful business. Whether you want new skills, done-for-you marketing or need help creating courses of your own, the Academy of Transformational Practice has coaching and mentorship to epically boost your career.

 No matter where you are with your business, our services and courses unleash your potential so your calendar is packed with clients looking for you.

 Aligned with our diverse community of successful entrepreneurs, you’ll thrive by fulfilling your purpose. Your soul is calling. Will you answer?

Experience Cosmic Success As A Partnered Practitioner

Fed up with overpriced “all-flash-no-substance” programs leaving you with complicated sales funnels and email responders (and a big fat bill) on your own?  There’s hope.

 With the Academy of Transformational Practice, you’re never alone. As an instructor on our platform, you benefit from a revenue share model where everyone wins. And you become an integral partner with a voice that counts.  

 You’re no longer deep-sixed under the never-ending duties of a solopreneur. There’s no time wasted putting out fires– you get to dig deep with your passion and change lives. We do all the marketing mumbo-jumbo for you and promote your brand so you’re set up to soar.

 We also offer continued coaching, community and meaningful mentorship that guides you every step of the way (even after you’ve hit it big). We’re a community of like-minded (but unique and gutsy) practitioners, collaborating together to grow as one.


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