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Alicia Patterson

Unlock Your Inner Power

Step into your sexual and sensual power with Alicia Patterson. A women’s health mentor, author and pelvic floor specialist, she’ll help you explore your pelvic oasis to heal sexual traumas, awaken your sexual bliss and create the life you want.



Leah Ardent

Actualization Coach

Leah is a multi-modality practitioner and actualization coach. With a background in sales, management, and marketing, her path diverted when physical and emotional trauma changed her life. Searching for answers and help, her passion ignited when she found the power of alternative healing.

Mariah Rossel

Empower Your Authentic Self

Take a quantum leap forward on the path to self-healing and love with Mariah Rossel. A licensed Reiki Master, Teacher and Reflexologist, Mariah helps adults and adolescents heal from past traumas, reclaim their personal power and become their authentic selves.


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